All Christians are called to the work of Christian ministry, of bearing witness to the good news of God’s love for us in Christ. We do this by the way we live, the relationships we form, and the service we offer in many various ways in the wider world around us. “Ministry” in this sense is not only what happens inside a church building but involves all aspects of our lives.

Congregational life is meant to form and shape us for our various ministries, whether within the parish itself or in the wider world. Some of the ministries listed here are ongoing opportunities for service (liturgical ministries, for example); others are occasional or one-time moments of engagement (such as Holy Baptism). All of them present occasions encountering the presence of God, deepening our commitment to Christ, and finding ourselves inspired by the Holy Spirit for the work God has given each us to do in unique ways.

“Jesus demanded on his disciples personal conversion and new body practices of solidarity. Chief among these practices was the inclusion of new and ‘other’ bodies at the table.”

— M. Shawn Copeland