Celebrating with friends and family as a couple enters into the covenant of marriage is one of life’s great joys. Marking and solemnizing this occasion with a liturgical rite at All Saints’ Parish is reserved for members of this parish and, on occasion, extended families of active members. Those who are interested in this rite should contact the rector well in advance of the proposed wedding date and before any other arrangements are made (such as with caterers, reception halls, etc.).

Special Occasions

In addition to our regular rhythm of Sunday and midweek worship, All Saints’ Parish provides opportunities to mark major life milestones in a community of prayer.

Holy Baptism

The rite of Holy Baptism and entering into the Baptismal Covenant is reserved for members of the parish or those wanting to become active members, and sometimes for extended families of active members.

Burial of the Dead and Requiem Liturgies

Marking prayerfully the passage from this present life into deeper life with God is an occasion each of us deserves simply by virtue of being beloved child of God, regardless of church membership or any religious affiliation.